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Finnish: Raili, Raila
Swedish: Åsa, Aslög
Sami: Ássá
Orthodox: Akuliina, Liina, Aleksandra, Aliisa, Alisa, Iisa, Sandra, Sanja, Sanna, Sanni

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The University of Helsinki Almanac Office is the leading expert in the Finnish calendar

The University of Helsinki Almanac Office offers up-to-date information on name days, flag days and special calendar days. We have comprehensive knowledge of the global and Finnish history of calendars and chronology. We cater to calendar makers, the media and citizens in all matters related to calendars.

The University of Helsinki has the copyright to the name day lists of Finnish- and Swedish-speakers. The University Almanac Office sells publishing rights to name days, other calendar data and ready calendar templates to calendar makers.

We also publish the traditional University Almanac every year and are responsible for communications related to the Finnish calendar. The duties of the University Almanac Office also include maintaining the Finnish culture of special days and name days.

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The website of the University Almanac Office got a new look

The website of the University Almanac Office will be renewed over the course of 2023. The new site has been designed for customers who order calendar materials as well as for anyone interested in calendar-related topics. Easy purchases will also become available in our online shop in the near future.

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The University Almanac

Yliopiston almanakka (Finnish-language University Almanac) and Universitetsalmanackan (Swedish-language University Almanac) offer a host of information in a single publication. They include every Finnish official holiday, special day, flag day and name day. The almanacs provide information about planetary movements, the special days of different religions, the most popular first names, as well as market days, for example.

The first Finnish version of the University of Helsinki’s traditional almanac, Yliopiston almanakka, was published in 1705. Until 1996, it was simply called Almanakka. The almanac has been published in Swedish since 1608, and today goes under the name Universitetsalmanackan.

Yliopiston almanakka and Universitetsalmanackan are available in a compact A6 size and an easy-to-read A4 size. The almanacs are published by Ajasto Paperproducts Oy. Dealers can contact the publisher directly.