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Name day search

You can search for name days with the name or the date from Finnish name day lists. The lists included in the search are:

  • Finnish name days
  • Swedo-Finnish name days
  • Greek Orthodox name days
  • Sámi name days
  • Old name days
  • Name days of dogs
  • Name days of cats
  • Name days of horses

The Finnish and the Swedo-Finnish name day lists are the official lists from 2020, which are valid until the end of 2024. The Greek Orthodox name list is from the Greek Orthodox calendar for 2021. Small changes can be made to the lists annually.

The list of old names includes obsolete names that have been included in the official calendar between 1705 and 2010. The list for old names does not usually include names which are currently in the Finnish or Swedo-Finnish calendar on their original date.

Red = female name, blue = male name, black = gender not specified

Some of the name day lists are protected by copyright. Copyright for name days

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