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Finnish Names Act

In 1991, the new Finnish Names Act (Nimilaki) came into force. Changes and supplements were made for it many times, the last time for given names was in 1998. The law regulates what kind of names can be given to a child.

A Finn may not be given more than three given names. A given name which is inappropriate or can otherwise cause an obvious disadvantage cannot be approved. A name which is in form or spelling contrary to Finnish naming practices is also not permitted. A female name may not be given to a boy or a male name to a girl. Certain circumstances may, however, allow for exceptions to these general rules.

A child is given a name at his or her christening or with notification to the Population Register. Notification must be submitted within two months of childbirth.

The Ministry of Justice has a names committee which provides the authorities with statements in matters concerning given names and surnames.

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