Flag days in 2025

Flag days in Finland in 2025


  • 5 February: J. L. Runeberg’s Day (customary flag day)
  • 28 February: Kalevala Day, Finnish Culture Day (official flag day)


  • 19 March: Minna Canth’s Day, Equality Day (customary flag day)


  • 9 April: Mikael Agricola’s Day, Day of the Finnish Language (customary flag day)
  • 13 April: County elections and municipal elections (official flag day)
  • 27 April: National War Veterans’ Day (customary flag day)


  • 1 May: May Day, Day of Finnish Labour (official flag day)
  • 9 May: Europe Day (customary flag day)
  • 11 May: Mothers’ Day (second Sunday in May, official flag day)
  • 12 May: J. V. Snellman’s Day, Finnish Heritage Day (customary flag day)
  • 18 May: Remembrance Day, (third Sunday of May, customary flag day)


  • 4 June: Defence Forces Flag Day (official flag day)
  • 21 June: Midsummer Day, Day of the Finnish Flag (the Saturday between 20 and 26 June, official flag day)


  • 6 July: Eino Leino’s Day, Day of Poetry and Summer (customary flag day)


  • 30 August: Finnish Nature Day (last Saturday in August, customary flag day)


  • 1 October: Miina Sillanpää’s Day, Day of Civic Participation (customary flag day)
  • 10 October: Aleksis Kivi’s Day, Finnish Literature Day (customary flag day)
  • 24 October: United Nations Day (customary flag day)


  • 6 November: Swedish Day, Gustav Adolf’s Day (customary flag day)
  • 9 November: Fathers’ Day (Second Sunday in November, official flag day)
  • 20 November: Children’s Day (customary flag day)


  • 6 December: Independence Day (official flag day)
  • 8 December: Jean Sibelius’ Day, Finnish Music Day (customary flag day)

Åland has three of its own official flag days:

  • 30 March: Day of Demilitarisation of Åland
  • 27 April: Åland Flag Day (last Sunday in April)
  • 9 June: Åland’s Autonomy Day

The Saami have 12 official flag days of their own:

  • 6 February: The National Day of the Saami people
  • 2 March: The establishment of the Saami Parliament in Finland
  • 23 March: The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a traditional Saami holiday
  • 21 June: Midsummer Day, public holiday
  • 9 August: UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
  • 15 August: The adoption of the Saami Flag
  • 18 August: The establishment of the Saami Council
  • 26 August: The establishment of the Saami Parliament in Sweden
  • 9 October: The establishment of the Saami Parliament in Norway
  • 9 November: The establishment of the Delegation for Saami issues in Finland
  • 15 November: Birthday of Isak Saba, the first Saami parliamentarian
  • 29 November: Birthday of Elsa Laula Renberg


Recommended flag days 2025 will be added on page when they are published by Ministry of the Interior.

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