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Getting a Calendar Made

The University of Helsinki Almanac Office is Finland’s leading specialist in the calendar business. Our expertise in the compilation of trustworthy facts and figures for calendars is at the heart of what we do.

The Almanac Office has a vast selection of Finnish- and Swedish-language sample calendars, including templates for wall, table and pocket calendars.

The calendar templates are available digitally (Word Doc and InDesign). However, we are not responsible for any possible additions to the calendar, such as images.

On request, we can create calendar templates to meet the needs of other countries. Over the last few years, we have made calendar grids for the Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian and Russian markets, among others.

Kalenteriaineistot 2023 (Calendar Material 2023)

Our ready-made sample calendars as well as information on getting a calendar made (in Finnish and Swedish) can be found in our brochure Kalenteriaineistot 2023 (Calender Material 2023). The PDF files of our ready-made calendar page samples can be found on our Finnish-language webpages, see Ready-Made Calendar Templates. The prices in the brochure have been set for the calendaric information compiled for 2023. We can make all the layouts in other languages and supply them with the calendaric information of other countries – ask us what we can do for you!


International Holidays and Name Days

The Almanac Office maintains a list of the national holidays of 41 different countries. The entire list is available upon request or a list for individual nations can be requested as necessary. You can also ask us about name day lists on different countries.

Astronomical Information

You can also make a request for astronomical information from the Almanac Office, such as the lunar phases as well as sunrise and sunset times in different parts of the world.

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