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Flag Days and Holidays in Finland

Finnish National Public Holidays 2020, 2021 and 2022

2020 2021 2022 Holiday
Wed 1 Jan Fri 1 Jan Sat 1 Jan New Year's Day
Mon 6 Jan Wed 6 Jan Thu 6 Jan Epiphany 
Fri 10 Apr Fri 2 Apr Fri 15 Apr Good Friday 
Sun 12 Apr Sun 4 Apr Sun 17 Apr Easter 
Mon 13 Apr Mon 5 Apr Mon 18 Apr Easter Monday 
Fri 1 May Sat 1 May Sun 1 May Vappu (May Day) 
Thu 21 May Thu 13 May Thu 26 May Ascension Day 
Sun 31 May Sun 23 May Sun 5 Jun Whit Sunday 
Fri 19 Jun Fri 25 Jun Fri 24 Jun Midsummer Eve* 
Sat 20 Jun Sat 26 Jun Sat 25 Jun Midsummer 
Sat 31 Oct Sat 6 Nov Sat 5 Nov All Saints’ Day 
Sun 6 Dec Mon 6 Dec Tue 6 Dec Independence Day 
Thu 24 Dec Fri 24 Dec Sat 24 Dec Christmas Eve*
Fri 25 Dec Sat 25 Dec Sun 25 Dec Christmas Day 
Sat 26 Dec Sun 26 Dec Mon 26 Dec Boxing Day 

* Even though they are not official, public holidays, not all Finns work on Midsummer Eve and Christmas Eve. Some businesses are closed the whole day and some, such as grocery stores, are open for part of the day. This practice is dependent on labour union contracts. Moreover, public transport will run on special holiday timetables.

Information on holidays is freely available. However, please cite the University of Helsinki Almanac Office as a source when publishing this information when possible.

The Finnish calendar has 19 flag days. The calendar for the Swedish-speaking population has three additional official flag days for the Åland Islands. The Sámi have 12 of their own official flag days.

For Finnish flag days and information on flag raising >>
(Finnish Ministry of the Interior)

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