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About Us

The University of Helsinki Almanac Office was established in 1994. It takes care of the university’s almanac business and the publicity on matters regarding the Finnish calendar. Business matters are handled by Helsingin yliopiston Kalenteripalvelut Oy (University of Helsinki Calendar Services Ltd) which is part of the University of Helsinki Group.

The University of Helsinki Almanac Office is located on Observatory Hill (Tähtitorninmäki), in the east wing of the Helsinki Observatory. The office has a staff of three.

We are available weekdays during normal business hours to serve calendar publishers and people interested in the subject of almanacs. We cater to a broad audience including publishers specialised in putting out calendars as well as other organisations such as businesses, associations, schools in numerous different fields.

There are over 14 million calendars published every year in Finland, that is, almost three calendars per person. Feel free to contact us to find out more about calendars and how to get them made!

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