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Yliopiston almanakkatoimisto | Universitetets almanacksbyrå | University Almanac Office

University of Helsinki Almanac Office

The University of Helsinki Almanac Office serves the public in matters regarding calendars.

Finnish culture has a strong name day tradition. The University of Helsinki owns the copyright to name day lists of both the Finnish- and Swedish-speaking populations in Finland. It is also in charge of compiling name days for cats, dogs and horses and owns the copyright to these lists as well. The University of Helsinki Almanac Office sells the publishing rights, other calendaric information and ready-made templates to calendar publishers.

The Almanac Office serves both a Finnish and international audience. We compile calendaric facts and figures mostly for the Finnish market, but on request, we can also put information together to suit the needs of other countries.

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If you want to publish the Finnish or Swedo-Finnish name day list, contact the Almanac Office!

Every year, the Almanac Office puts out its traditional Yliopiston almanakka (University Almanac) and also publishes Yliopiston nimipäiväalmanakka (University Name Day Almanac). The office also caters to the media and is responsible for the publicity of the Finnish calendar.

The University of Helsinki Almanac Office is located at the Helsinki Observatory.

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